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Terry G. Stewart
Editor in Chief:
Steve Stone
Assistant Editor:
Carolyn Stewart

First published: June 12, 1998
Virginia Antia Lynn Heimbuck Magnus Palsson
Linda Barker Sarah Hemstock Dorris Phillips
Keelan Belle Juanita Hobbs Nelline Pretorius
Sue Cleveland Sara Kaplan Alisa Romaine
Mary Cornelius Nancy Malec Robert Simon
Steve Eltinger Lisa-Marie Mackie Paul Skelton
Sean Fleming Andrina Morton Steve Smith
Henny Frans Kathleen Neff John Thompson
Crag Harrington Julie Neill Alec Waters
    Nick Wheat


The Stafford Exchange:

History has shaped the Staffordshire Bull Terrier into an incomparable creature, and history still functions as a vital element within the Breed. An integral part of that history exists on these web pages for all to share.

The Stafford Exchange, an original concept in cyber-publications, has been created to help preserve the American history of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier for one reason: it's easier to know where you're going when you know where you've been. Nomenclature aside (archive, repository, anthology), The Stafford Exchange manifests itself as something between a pamphlet and a volume but definitely not as a periodical. It has no deadlines, for what is published now does not vanish tomorrow but remains while the site grows and changes for as long as contributors keep it going.

Although The Stafford Exchange does contain an element of nostalgia, it should prove a practical and useful resource/reference to those who devote a corner of their lives to this fine Breed and hope to see it thrive in the future.

We invite and welcome your contributions. Please submit material, text or graphics or both at:


SBT History in America

Brutus & Bella By Steve Stone.

SBTC/USA - Club History By Steve Stone.

SBTC/USA - Constitution & By-laws

SBTC/USA - Club Bulletins

SBTC/USA - Proposed Standard

SBTC/USA - The first 450 SBT's in the USA

The John F. Gordon Letters - correspondence with Steve Stone.


Butch the Thespian - Off-Broadway but...

Stryker Strikes Again! - In defense of his family.

Tessa's Story - Once upon a time...

Ch. Constones Cadet - been there - Done that!

Trucker - Progress report on a Stafford pup

Towans Red Knave

How I got my first Stafford

Piglet - A Staffordshire Bull Terrier

RE: Fighting Talk - a smart one.

Early-days Album

Early-day Stafford Photo Album

Early-day Stafford Photo Album II

Origins of the Stafford

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier - by Phil Drabble.

The Continuity of Breed Heritage

Prettifying the SBT


Bella the Guardian - Steve's Bella knows a real Santa when she sees one!

Bella - Her Story - From South Africa, a Stafford story.

The Foremost All-purpose dog - Really!

Jazz the Flyball Wizard - by Alisa Romaine

How to train for Flyball - by Alisa Romaine

Finnish Moose Hunter

"You don't have an agility breed!" by Henny Frans

Character and Temperament

Gameness, Aggression, and Prey Drive in Dogs - by Paul Skelton.

Gameness? - by Juanita Hobbs

Type and Conformation

Ashstock Annotations - by Alec Waters (submitted by John Thompson with permission).

Fewer but better Judges - by Sarah Hemstock.

The Head of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Pedigree Archive

Pedigree Archive 1


The Bull Ring


Letters to the Editor

In the Library

Stafford Books - Recommended reading and Barnes and Noble Book Store.

The Stafford Standard

AKC Standard - the current standard in the USA.

Original KC Standard 1935 - the first one from the Stafford home - England.

History & discussion of the Standard.

Stafford Standard from around the World

The Breeders Forum

The Breeders Forum - Read all about it...

Colloquy - "The Road to HELL... - A most important discussion.

Colloquy - "The Road to HELL... - Page 2 - the discussion continues.

Breed Concerns

Juvenile Cataracts - Hip Dysplasia - Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Definition of Terms

Slow boat to Oblivion - by Lisa-Marie Mackie

The R-Line Lives - by Linda Barker.

SBT Rescue Links

The R-Line Symposium

Breed Specific Legislation

BSL - Our position, Links, sample letters for your legislator and more.

Breed Specific Legislation - by Robert Simon.

Breed Specific Legislation - by Paul Skelton.

Breed Specific Legislation - by Steve Stone.

World-Wide Coorespondents

Australia - Julie Neill - Are you quailied to breed Staffords?

England - Nick Wheat's Article 1 - Origins of the breed.

England - Nick Wheat's Article 2 - Joe Dunn.

South Africa - Nelline Pretorius - Tessa's story.

South Africa - Crossbow Articles

Texas - Nancy Malec's Article - "What does breed type mean?"

Health Links

OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

CERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation

The Dog Genome Project - Canine chromosome mapping project

Stafford Web Sites


World-Wide Stafford Web Sites

Stoutheart Staffordshire Bull Terriers

The Stafford Mall

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