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The StaffordMall invites and welcomes contributions on any and all Stafford-related subjects from owners and fanciers around the world. Please email Terry or Carolyn Stewart.

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Use this feature to search There are over three-hundred (300) pages dedicated to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Search for a person's name, name of a Stafford in your Stafford's pedigree or a keyword(s) of a subject you wish to find on this site.

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If you have any questions regarding this breed, or for puppies that are due or planned litters, please feel free to call or E-mail.

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Terry & Carolyn Stewart
Castro Valley, California, USA
(510) 581-7491

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For puppy litters - due or planned.

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Sire Page - photos & pedigrees

Former Sires - photos & pedigrees

Dam Page - photos & pedigrees

Former Dams - photos & pedigrees

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The Standard(s) - Original 1935, current AKC.

Our Opinion - On the current standard

Main "Lines" - A to Z: The dogs that founded the major lines and families of the Stafford. These are the 'J' Line, 'M' Line, 'L' line, 'B' Line, 'R' Line and 'C' Line.

Photo Albums Puppy Buyers Guide

Puppy Photos I

Puppy Photos II

Puppy Photos III

More Photos I

More Photos II

More Photos III

Written especially for the first time puppy buyer of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

Puppy Buyers Guide

A Word About Breeders

Guide to Sales Agreements & Contracts

Planned Litters - Stoutheart Staffords.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Stafford Questions.

Stafford Book List - Not all, but a good start.

Articles - etc. Pedigree Archive

Article I - By Fred Phillips.

Article II - By Carolyn Stewart.

Article III - By Steve Stone.

Article IV - By Steve Stone, Crufts '97.

Article V - By Steve Stone, Crufts '98.

Article VI - By Paul H. Skelton

Pedigree Archive I - Stoutheart Sire and Dam pedigrees, dogs and bitches of our current bloodlines, older bloodlines and dogs and bitches we've owned or known. A nice letter from Mrs. Nancy Bolton, Rapparee.

Pedigree Archive II - More pedigrees of historical significance. Most appear in a majority of Stafford lines in this country.

Historical Archives Stafford Forums

I. Dog Fighting. - by Phil Drabble.

IV. Rat-pit. - by Phil Drabble.

The SBT Forum E-mail List - This e-mail list is dedicated to Stafford related posts by members from around the world.

Love - Second time around

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