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June 28, 1998

The new Stafford Exchange is very impressive with plenty of food for thought. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the finished articles!!

Staffanatically yours,

Juanita Hobbs
Crossbow Staffords, South Africa

June 29, 1998

I really enjoyed viewing your information. How very interesting the connections I have with so many of the people mentioned in the history of the breed in the U.S.A. I met Irma Rosenfield when I first returned to the U.S. from England. We became great buddies, and she gave me some of her scrap-books with many pictures sent in by people who had owned Dynamite SBT's. I was asking Irma if she knew where Steve Stone was and she thought he might be dead imagine our surprise when we saw his emails. I have enjoyed my interchanges with Steve greatly. I think that all aspects of the Stafford and its history should be viewed as learning tools and even negative input can be valuable in teaching us how not to be. I commend Terry and Carolyn for their hard work in organizing this site and hope to be a contributor in the future. God Bless the athletic dog!!

Best regards,

Nancy Malec
Yankeestaff Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Texas

June 29, 1998

Wait... an on-line Stafford magazine that actually has SUBSTANCE to it? I must be dreaming right???!!! Wonderful effort on this superb publication!!! My best to you all.

Eric Green
Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA

July 3, 1998

Nothing like the Stafford! Our boy Shortstop is your typical Staffy, 3 year old, 38 inches, 40lbs and cool as a cucumber. We bought him as a family pet, although he has turned out to be show quality. He is my 10 year old son's best friend. We get the usual comments from people about "pitbulls", but after a little education and a "Staffy Greeting" from Shortstop, they have a new outlook on the breed. My wife and I use him as a goodwill ambassador for the breed as much as possible and hope we are doing our part.


Frank Ciaburri
Massachusetts, USA

July 5, 1998

So, you did it again. When the Stoutheart site first got on-line, you set a new standard for Stafford websites. Now, with the Exchange, you make the rest of us look like fools again. Magnificent stuff, and definitely THE site to visit for us Staffanatics.

Magnus Pålsson
Palsson's Staffordshire Bull Terriers - Sweden

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