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The SBT Story CD


by Steve Stone

Photos from John F. Gordon’s personal albums courtesy of Joe LeBlanc

Illustrations by Marion Field

Contributing Authors:
Les Aspin, Linda Barker, Candy Beauchamp, Malcolm Boam,
Wlodek Cloc, Glenn Consadine, Karyn Dawes, George Goddard,
Abe Harkness, Jo Hemstock, Sarah Hemstock, Juanita Hobbs,
Gerry Holmes, Joe LeBlanc, Squibs Mercier, Terry Mueller,
Marlane Parra, Vic Pounds, Jean Richardson, Harry Rodeheaver,
Irma Rosenfield, Dr. Ellis Ruby, Alissa Romaine, Sandra Smid,
Colin Smith, Carolyn Stewart, Terry Stewart, Bob Whittall

Copyright © 1999 - 2002 by Steve Stone
44 Honey Bear • Mayhill NM 88339 • USA

Firestreak Red Rover and Bandits Belle-lettres.

Firestreak Red Rover and Bandits Belle-lettres.

John F. Gordon

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Story (the first Stafford e-book on dvd in pdf format): Dedicated to the memory of John F. Gordon whose books opened the world of Staffords to thousands and whose exports were instrumental in founding the Breed not only in Australia, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States but in a dozen other countries. No other person did so much to make the Stafford a truly global breed.

The above is from the dedication page in the e-book. What I have done here is collect together the 206 photos from Steve's e-book so that more Stafford enthusiasts have access to these photos. Many are from John F. Gordon's personal photo albums. But sources are listed for all of the photos. I have tried to find copies of this dvd but they seem to be very rare. So enjoy the photos.

And, several of these photos can be seen in Steve's book "Celebrating Staffordshire Bull Terriers" but not all. So, between all of these pages you will find a large collection of photos that are at least rare, and with some commentary that my be instructive.