Steve Stone's Stafford Photo Album - Closing Page
Cowboy says see you later.

Cowboy says "See you later."

Brutus & Bella Cowboy Portos Rugar Brutus & Bella Vernportshina Grace Steve holding puppies Maini with Bella and Brutus Bella - just a puppy.

The animated slide-show explained

The slide-show for Steve's pages contains photos relevent to dogs and bitches that Steve was involved in bringing into Finland, the USA, or helping Carolyn and I obtain some of our Staffords. In photo order:

And that is it folks. But on the other hand, I am continueing to add photos to the album. There are a lot to scan yet. Also I will be needing identities for a large number of the photos because not all have written names and relavent information on the back. If you can please help me out by sending information you may have. We have the contact page.

Thank you.

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