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Kyra x Batista 1st born male

Kyra x Batista: 1st born male puppy.

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Album of Early-day Stafford Nostalgia #2

This collection of photos are from Steve Stone, the founder of the first Stafford breed club in the United States. He is also the man responsible for bringing this breed to the United States and instigating the drive to have the Staffordshire Bull Terrier accepted as a breed by the American Kennel Club. For further insight on the history of the early days for the Stafford in America, read the pages about the history of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of the U.S.A. on this web site.

The following introduction, photos and captions are by Steve Stone.

We continue the Early Days Album with snapshots of the early imported foundation stud dogs and bitches from the SBTC/USA Studbook and Registry -- at least, those whose photographs happened to come into my possession. Viewers should look past the amateurish quality of the photography and observe the quality of the dogs themselves, particularly as most photos were taken before the dogs had reached maturity. They should also keep in mind that several other excellent imported stud dogs remained camera-shy and thus are not represented here, regrettably. In my own jaundiced view, the dogs here compare favorably with their modern counterparts, particularly in light of the fact that none of them possessed any hereditary diseases to pass on to their progeny.

Bandits Brillanda

This is a really interesting picture: Bandits Brillanda, an English Stafford bitch with cropped ears, born 1960 and imported by Claude Williams of Ashton, Maryland. This is the only photo I have ever seen of a cropped Stafford -- and hope it remains the only one I will ever see.


Laurence and Lillian Rant's beloved "Charliegirl," Bearcats Bellamour by Bandits Firestreak Red Rover ex Bandits Belle-lettres. (Bellamour is a famous estate in Staffordshire, England.) Photograph at two years after her first litter but before she was fully mature.

Margot of Rossisle

Casual snapshot of Margot of Rossisle (by Ch. Chestonion Campaign ex Ch. Marjorie's Choice) in Pasadena, taken when she was five after being imported as an adult. Aside from a "flush" mouth (where the upper and lower incisors meet), Margo was hard to fault as her two Reserve CC's in England prove. (Slight graying at the muzzle.)

Bandits Belle Beguile

Snapshot of Bearcats Belle Beguile (by Bandits Firestreak Red Rover ex Towans Lady Penelope) at the age of seven months, owned by Bob Lee of Sutherlin, Oregon. I later brought a dog puppy, Maori Chief, back from England as "excess baggage" (!) on the airplane, selected especially by John Gordon to cross with Beguile. At the time Penelope was owned by my brother Douglas Stone.

Bandits Golden Shot

Bandits Golden Shot, imported from John Gordon by Sam Farris of Adamsville, Alabama, Polaroid snapshot taken June 2, 1969, when the dog was almost a year old. I regret that I never had the chance to see this dog in the flesh as he seemed quite promising at that age.

Steve Stone