Steve Stone's  Stafford Photo Album - Home Page
Firestreak Red Rover

Steve Stone collaborated with us on pages in the StaffordMall and what we called The Stafford Exchange. On the Exchange we had two pages of selected early days photos with captions. They are located here:

Album of Early-day Stafford Nostalgia #1

Album of Early-day Stafford Nostalgia #2

The following thirty-plus pages of his personal photo album, some of which were home photos of Staffords taken by him or photos sent to him by proud owners and breeders. Intermixed is professional photos, usually taken by C. M. Cooke and Son (UK), and so credited. Steve Eltinge is another contributor, who was a Stafford breeder but also a professional photographer (so credited were used). He authored/edited "The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in America."

And, several of these photos can be seen in Steve's book "Celebrating Staffordshire Bull Terriers" but not all. So, between all of these pages you will find a large collection of photos that are at least rare, and with some commentary that my be instructive.

Below are the pages for Steve Stone's Stafford Photo Album.