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Eng Ch Topcroft Toreador.

Eng Ch Topcroft Toreador

(Photo by C. M. Cooke & Son)

Eng Ch Dennybeck Dani of Belsivore.

Eng Ch Dennybeck Dani of Belsivore

(Photo by C. M. Cooke & Son.)

Christopher of Geneva.

Christopher of Geneva

(Photo by C. M. Cooke & Son.)

Row 2

Loggerheads Sal.

Loggerheads Sal

Loggerheads Sal at 7 weeks (Ch Weycombe Timothy (imp) x Ch Loggerheads Pied Jenny).

(Photo by C. M. Cooke & Son.)

Gundry's black male.

Gundry's black male

Below the photo in the album is written "Cockney Charlie" but I don't think so.


NZ Ch Meriden Sea Scollop.

NZ Ch Meriden Sea Scollop

Out of Ch Max Ajax (Imp) x Ch Loggerheads Sadie.


Row 3

B. Bellemour & pups.

B. Bellemour & pups

Photo take November 1969.


Corky in Chicago.

Corky in Chicago


Image Intentionally Let Blank.