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B. Brindabala.

Claude William's B. Brindabala


Claude Williman's Fowl Trophies.

Claude Williman's Fowl Trophies


Maini with Bella and Brutus.

Maini with Bella and Brutus


Row 2

No label.

No label

Nothing on the back of the photo or written underneath in the album.


Mike & Wendy.

Mike & Wendy

R. Morgan's Mike & Wendy taken September 1968. Mike is 3 yrs 9 mths and 41 lbs. Wendy is 1 yr 4 mths and 31 Lbs.


Blaze The Tenacious.

Blaze The Tenacious and Billie Rant


Row 3

Sparks Colby Flash.

Sparks' Colby Flash

UKC No. 493,678. Sire: Colby Pedro, Dam: Colby Smokie.


Eng Ch Lydes Winston Defiant.

Eng Ch Lydes Winston Defiant

(Photo by C. M. Cooke & Son.)

November 24, 1967 article.