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Rugar LOVES his treadmill.

Rugar LOVES his treadmill.

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Exercising your Stafford

Let me state right off the bat that I am not a dealer or affiliate for any of these treadmill manufacturers. In other words I'm not getting a dime for recommending or linking to any of them.

A treadmill has worked well for us because of weather and sometimes illness or time constraints on Carolyn or I. At those times the treadmill is invaluable for exercising the dogs.

Self-powered (single dog power) carpet treadmills:

Grand Carpet Mill

Colby's Noiseless Carpet Treadmill - Great treadmill but NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Electric powered treadmills:

Any brand will do I suppose. The one we use is nice and compact plus it folds up and has a five year warranty on the motor.

Rugar on his HealthTrainer HT403T treadmill

Turn it up.

Rugar says: "Faster darn it!"

He likes 2.7 mph.

Rugar likes about 2.7 mph.

Treadmill - in the zone.

Settled in to a good pace.

And you can always do chase the ball, frisbee, flit pole, tug-of-war, and any number of other canine activities. Obedience is good training for any dog and that can lead you to a Canine Good Citizen award.