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Kyra x Batista 1st born male

Kyra x Batista: 1st born male puppy.

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The Stafford Library

Reading Room

Rugar reading Stafford books.

Rugar falling asleep after reading his two favorite Stafford Books.

Book Reviews

The four book reviews: Steve Stone's last Stafford book Celebrating the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mike Homan's book, The Complete History of the Fighting Dog (1999), a review of H.N. Beilby's book, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier (1997, 4th ed.), and Steve Stone's first Stafford book The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Story


Butch the thespian.


Butch the Thespian

Stryker Strikes Again!

Tessa's Story

Ch. Constones Cadet - Been There -Done That

Trucker - Progress report on a Stafford pup

Towans Red Knave


re: Fighting Talk!




Bella the Guardian (Steve Stone's Bella knows a real Santa when she sees one!)

Bella of South Africa (Monday, 20 October, 1997, drove this fact home amongst Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners across the globe.)

Pearl & Rugar.

Pearl and Rugar probably looking for a treat.

Articles & Stories

Article 1 - by Fred Phillips, forwarded by Lillian Rant - Origins of the Stafford.

Article 2 - by Carolyn Stewart - Why do we worship the bull and sacrifice the terrier.

Article 3 - by Steve Stone - A discussion on Stafford size.

Article 4 - by Steve Stone - A report from his visit to Crufts (1997).

Article 5 - by Steve Stone - He fell in love at Crufts during his 1998 visit.

Article 6 - by Paul Skelton - An introduction.

Article 7 - By Alec Waters - The head of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Article 8 - by Juanita Hobbs - Gameness?

Article 9 - By Paul Skelton - Gameness, Aggression, and Prey Drive in Dogs

How I got my first Stafford - How did you find out about Staffords? How did you decide that the Stafford was the breed of dog for you? How did you get your first Stafford? Send us your story.

The Foremost All-Purpose Dog - Really!

Jazz the Flyball Wizard. - by Alisa Romaine

How to train for Flyball. - by Alisa Romaine

The Finnish Moose Hunter. - by Helsingin Sanomat

You Don't have an agility breed! - by Henny Frans