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Rioghal Coco Chanel

Rioghal Coco Chanel - photo by Ron Kimball Studios

Rioghal Coco Chanel (Elly)

Elly is the daughter of Rioghal Show Off (Grace) and Ringmaster Fame At Last.  She has a very smart and very active. We know that she will be a great asset to our Kennel.

Pedigree of Rioghal  Coco Chanel  09/13/2007

Ringmaster Fame At Last SA CH Ringmaster Guns n Roses Booker T of Ringmaster Tenacious Cassius Clay of Ringmaster
Parabello Shandy
Thorax Titian Queen of Ringmaster Towmax The Hunk
Tenacious Harlequin Heidi of Thorax
Azzurra Desert Queen Lackyle Maister Fainne CH Woizel's Wish at Dawn With Shingstaff
Ch Menssana Sans Souci
Ringleader Baroness CH Odenda Hitman of Ogusto
Cravonmark Twice as Nice
Rioghal Show Off SA CH Zeracious Neo SA CH Wimway Neptune Rikarrystock Timeless Asset
Rikarrystock Boysies Girl Of Wimway
SA CH Zeracious Summing Else SA Ch Rikarrystock Demolition Man
SA CH Zeracious What A Star
SA CH Zeracious Xpect the Best of Rioghal SA Ch Zeracious Pumbahee SA Ch Rikarrystock Demolition Man
SA Ch Zeracious What A Prospect
SA CH Zeracious Fancy Star SA Ch Zeracious Fancy That
SA CH Zeracious What A Star

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