Guardstocks Red Atom.
Ch. Guardstock's Red Atom
(Darton of Henstaff (UK) x Wystaff Witchcraft)

Call Name:
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: March 20, 1980
Owner: Judi Daniels & Joe LeBlanc
Breeder: E. Strand

The first Staffordshire Bull Terrier to win an ALL-BREED BEST IN SHOW. He won at least 145 Terrier Group Placements, including at least 26 Group Firsts.


Black King II

Bellerophon Wonderlaire

Sheila's Little Skipper

Baron De Leslie

Leapy Lou


Greybarn Pat

Ch. Hurricane of Judael

Ch. Knights Templar

Brigadier of Judeal

Tarquin of Judeal

Crisp of Judael

Timothy of Judeal

Jeanine of Judeal


Cracksman Nell
Darton of Henstaff (UK)

Dennybeck Hard Diamond

Brindis Ultimate

Dennybeck Delight

Swinfen Sky Scraper

Dennybeck Devil May Care

Dennybeck Diehard


Dennybeck Diana

Red Kate (was Bronze Lady)

Ch. Rapparee Rothersyke Vow

Rapparee Force Me

Rapparee Woodglen Bess

Betchgreen Goldanya

Rapparee The Ambassador

Makeready Miss Grip

Makeready Rosa

Ch. Bandits Brintiga

Larujon Black Panther

Larujon Chestonian Rosette

Larujon Dark Flash

Ch. Game Flash

Larujon Flash of Darkness


Ruffhill Lady

Ch. Wystaff Warlock (UD)

Ch. Rellim Ferryvale Victor

Ch. Knight Templar

Ch. Marjories Choice

Wystaff Worthy

Conquistador Moonraker

Ch. Wystaff Wellaway


Kinderlee Curassow
Wystaff Witchcraft

Delacourt Yeomanry

Brinsley Lad

Sheila The Countess

Gamecock High Echelon

Ch. Chestonian Campaign

Linksbury Wild Winnie


Linksbury Laura

Wystaff Wicked Lady

Ch. Topcroft Torreador

Conquistador Moonraker

Kinderlee Conchita

Wystaff Wellaway (UK)

Topcroft Trojan

Kinderlee Currassow

Kinderlee Copper Coin


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