Lastand _____________
(Peck's Power Pack x Lastand Park Lande Pearl)

Call Name: ___________
Sex: ______
Date of Birth: March __, 1988
Owner: _____________________
Breeder: Steve & Denise Eltinge

Ch. Millgarth Power Pack CDX (UK)

Duck Lane First Edition

Wystaff Winning Ways

Ch. Blue Grass Shamrock Paddy

Ch. Rellim Brother Love (UK)

Jaro Cherry


Ch. Rellim Cracklin Rosie (UK)

Ch. Blue Grass Pyx of Peck's

Jaws Spot the Artfull Dodger

Ch. Nichol's Black Mugwump of Jaws

Roxannes Nichol

Peck's Little Rasco

Brocliffe Hard Bitter (UK)

Peck's Fancypants


Ch. Jonell Bonita
Peck's Power Pack

Larujon Black Panther

Larujon Dark Flash

Larujon Flash of Darkness

Ch. Wystaff Warlock (UD)

Ch. Knight Templar

Wystaff Worthy


Ch. Wystaff Wellaway (UK)

Ch. Wystaff Wicked Witch

Brinsley Lad

Gamecock High Echelon

Linksbury Wild Winnie

Wystaff Wicked Lady

Conquistador Moonraker

Ch. Wystaff Wellaway (UK)

Kinderlee Curassow


Garthland Billy

Benext Begin of Angelstaff

Bonny of Benext

Ch. Angelstaff Blue Max

Daleflat Defiant of Kerrisdale

Kerrisdale Debbie Bess


Kerrisdale Little Miss Cinders

Benext Tom's Folly (UK)

Rothersyke Vostock

Ch. Devil's Dike (Ireland)

Eagry Flow

Granitefields Black Narcissus

Rothersyke Vostock

Granitefields Black Orchidsus


Bringarry Hell's Angel
Lastand Park Lane Pearl

Ch. Rapparee Threapwood Handyman

Trebblo Little Fella

Ch. Curfews White Orchid

Rambo Boris the Bold (UK)

Rapparee Rothersyke Vow (UK)

Randy Rosie Lee


Lady Freedom

Ch. Lastand Serendipity

Rothersyke Vostock

Ch. Devil's Dike (Ireland)

Eagry Flow

Ch. Lastand DuBonet of Renown

Ch. Wystaff Warlock (UD)

Ch. Wystaff Wicked Witch

Wystaff Wicked Lady


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