May 15, 1967

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of the U.S.A. was founded on January 14, 1967, and as of this first Bulletin the Club has nine regular members and four Associate members from overseas. We expect a number of additional Associate members from the SBT Club of Canada in the very near future.

Mr. Joseph Orday of Nassau, N.Y., has kindly consented to serve as Acting Chairman until such time as the regular members can hold a meeting and elect officers. Mr. Orday writes: We send our best wishes to all members and friends of the SBTC/USA. We thank them for their coordinated effort in forming this Club. It is our sincere hope that by this time next year our membership will have grown by leaps and bounds. Let us all work as enthusiastically as our Acting Secretary-Treasurer Steve Stone for the acceptance of our breed into the Stud Book of the A.K.C. We thank the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada and the Clubs of England Ireland, New Zealand, and Finland for their interest and support.
To the best of our knowledge, there are approximately 25 Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the USA. Most of the owners are regular members. If members know owners of Staffords not listed on the Membership List, please inform Steve Stone, 1125 N. Mar Vista, Pasadena, California, 91104.
Inevitably some confusion arises over the name of our Breed and the (American) Staffordshire Terrier. We have nothing but admiration for this fine American breed, and wish to promote only friendly relations with it. To this end, we suggest that all members fix firmly in their minds the similarities and differences of the two breeds so that they may be explained clearly and succinctly to any interested party. But it is also further suggested that when speaking and writing of the two breeds, we refer to them respectively as Stafford and AmStaff. We believe that if this practice is followed, it will eliminate a lot of confusion.
Annual dues for regular membership is $5.00, for which each member will receive a one-year subscription to the quarterly magazine, "The Stafford," published in England, Associate membership in the SBT Club of Canada, one short "classified ad" in each Bulletin, a list of all members, and free registration for all purebred Staffordshire Bull Terriers in his ownership. All Staffords will be registered with the SBTC/USA until such time as the AKC opens up a Stud Book to the Breed. Special pedigree/registration forms under the SBTC/USA imprint have been printed up and will soon be mailed to all members. Members should remember that our Club needs the official name, date of birth, color and markings, and three-generation pedigree for each animal registered.
Membership List:
Mr. Joseph Orday, PO Box 591, Nassau, NY, 12123
Mr. T.J. Gundry, 309 E. Elm St., Park Villa, Ill., 60181
Mr. & Mrs. Atch Hott, 1510 Walnut Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Mr. Don H. Smith, 1635 W. El Segundo Blvd., Gardena, Calf.
Mr. Pete Sparks, PO Box 716, Starke, Fla, 32091
Mr. J. Fife Symington, Lutherville, Md., 21093
Mrs. Mintern V. Chace, Lutherville, Md., 21093
Mrs. Charles Jenkins, Glyndon, Md.
Mr. Steve Stone, 1125 N. Mar Vista, Pasadena, Calif., 91104
Associate Members:
Mr. John F. Gordon, 72 Clydeway, Romford, Essex, England.
Mr. Colin. A. Smith, 35 Paget St., Loughborough, Leics., England
Mrs. Nancy Cannell, Woodmancote Place, Woodmancote, Henfield, Sussex, England
Mrs. Marion Forester, "Loggerheads", 25 Pufflett Road, Havelock. Nortn, New Zealand
Please send any interesting items of Stafford interest for inclusion in the next Bulletin which is scheduled for midsummer mailing.

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