Eng Ch Rapparee Renegade

Eng Ch Rapparee Renegade

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Bazooka Joe.

Ch Bazooka Joe of Yankeestaff

The following pedigree pages are all five generation. Some of the dogs and bitches will be Hot Spot links to a pedigree of that particular individual. This will give you several years of history to the dogs and bitches of these breed lines.

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Back in 1987, I received a letter from Mrs. Nancy Bolton of England. I had originally written to the North West S.B.T Club, I think it was sometime in 1985. I don't remember why I wrote to them for sure, but it probably had something to do with pedigree research. My husband and I had started a pedigree service and had contacted people in England and the United States about pedigrees and records on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I still have Kennel Club stud books dating back to the late 1800's. I think we have the first stud book that was published by the Kennel Club. Of course, we have a complete set of A.K.C. Stud Books, and can research any pedigree, but the old English dogs were the problem at the time. We thought that you might like to read the letter as it contains information on the Rapparee prefix.

Nr. Blackpool,
15th September, 1987

Dear Mrs. Stewart

I expect you will be surprised to receive this letter, it is in reply to your letter to the then Secretary of the North West S.B.T. Club, Mrs. S. Dootson. She passed your letter on to us as she hadn't the knowledge to deal with it. Any way, we had only just moved to this area, (we lived in Staffordshire for 25 years) and we were still in a frightful mess here in the bungalow and in the chaos your letter got lost, however turning out some of our books and old photo's, we came across it, so somewhat belatedly we are sending some information as requested. Please accept our apologies for the very long delay. You must have thought us all very rude.

My husband Jim and I are the owners of the Rapparee pre-fix. We owned Ch. Rapparee Renegade, his son Ch. Rapparee Threapwood Handyman and his son Ch. Rapparee Rothersyke Vow, we also had Renegades full litter sister Rapparee Lady Luck, we bred and made up Ch. Rapparee Grand Slam, her full litter brother Ch. Rapparee The Gladiator was sold as a puppy and gained his title with another exhibitor. Our other bitch bred on this line Ch. Quite Contrary of Rapparee is still with us, she will be sixteen next February.

Brian Blower the breeder of Dangerman still lives in the Midlands, our old stamping ground, and is still a very good friend of ours. At present he is away on holiday, but as soon as he gets back will contact him for info. on the bitch side.

We consider we were very fortunate to live in the Midlands when we were so active in the breed, many years ago we were able to 'look up' all the old timers in the breed and they gave us a lot of interesting stuff to start off our collection.

The book you would require to trace the lines back to their origin is "The Staffordshire Bull Terrier" by H.N. Beilby first published in 1943, it is in our opinion the best book ever written on S.B.T's. Some say John Gordon obtained all his information from this book, in fact most writers on our breed have used this book.

Enclosed herewith some copy pedigrees of some of our dogs, plus some very old ones, the originators of this line. We hope you will find them of interest. We have many more pedigrees from all over Britain, but stopped collecting in about 1978, so it may be possible to trace some pedigrees back for other of your members.

It may be that you have managed to obtain all the information you required in the interim, but please let us know if we can help you with anything to do with our breed, and I promise it won't take as long next time.

All the very best to you and the Breed Council.


Nancy Bolton (Mrs.)

Pedigrees from Mrs. Bolton

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red blinking bulb gif Ch. Rapparee Renegade

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red blinking bulb gifTom's Get

red blinking bulb gifHydiamond King

red blinking bulb gifCh. Game Flash

red blinking bulb gifDiamond Queen

red blinking bulb gifLion - Heart

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