Bulletin No. 10
July 10, 1969
Since SBTC/USA Bulletin No. 9, dated April 10th, no less than 15 new American .members have joined our ranks. A number of other new members are in the offing, and their names will be announced in the following Bulletin.
The new members are:
Thomas Abate, 10721 Los Alamitos Rd., Los Alamitos, Ca. 90700
Margaret E. Crowe, 1801 Midland Dr. Apt 122, Midland, Texas 79701
Norman Fraidin, 20 Arlene Dr., Framingham, Mss. 10701
Benjamin Grewshin, 30 Woodland Path, Smithtown, LI, N.Y. 11787
Richard Harrison, Box 900, Beverley Hills, CA 94713
Douglas Kirk, 2045 Birchwood Lane, Topeka, Kansas 66604
Stuart Lindsay, 4243 Adam Rd., Santa Susanna, Ca. 93063
D.L. Lewis, 1226 W. 103rd St., Los Angeles Ca. 90044
Gerald Malkan, 14460 San Bruno Dr., La Mirada, Ca. 90638
Jenny Merritt, 563 E. Ave. J, Lancaster, Ca. 93534
Robert Murphy, 10865 Walnut Dr., Sunland, Shadow Hills, Ca. 91040
Anthony Pletroforte, 609 Milford, Glendale, Ca. 91203
Robert Smith, 1115 E Claremont, Pasadena, Ca. 91104
James Wesley, 5954 Blossman Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43615
Sid McCoy, 11130 Dona Pegita, Studio City, Ca. 91604
As will be noted, the bulk of the new members are Californians because that is where litters have been whelped. The next Bulletin will show great advances in the eastern and southern sections of the country. Litters are expected in Maryland, Alabama, and New York while a number of young adult Staffords are turning up all over the eastern seaboard thanks to the astute "detective" work of Mrs. Irma Rosenfield.
We have two changes of address for members:
Bill Daniels, 5237 Escalante, La Canada, Ca. 91011
Doug Stone, 13763 Brookgreen Circle, Dallas, Texas 75240
There are three litters of Stafford puppies, some or all of which are still available. Specific data on them is listed on the last page of this Bulletin. All help in placing them in good home will be appreciated.
As many members already know, the first-ever SBTC/USA Show scheduled for Sunday, May 11th, had to be canceled due to the strike on Air Canada, which made it impossible for the Judge, Miss Swindells, to come to California. Our disappointment was keen, of course, but we must simply try again at the next possible opportunity.
SBTC/USA registrations have gone up from the 107 announced in the last Bulletin to 143, with five known litters on the way and a number of young adults known to be in the east. This means that we are skyrocketing toward our immediate goal of 200 registrations, which ought to make us eligible for the AKC Miscellaneous Class. Our estimated target date for the 200th registration is mid-October, 1969.
Five incidents, two of them fatal, have recently occurred which illustrate the perpetual necessity for vigilance concerning your Stafford at all times and for NEVER allowing them to run free. SBTC/USA President Jack Crowther lost both his dog and his yearling puppy bitch at A motorcycle race in the California desert. The pair ran off after a motorcycle, probably thinking that it was Jack's, and vanished. The bitch turned up four hours later, at noon, but the dog; did not reappear until after dark when the Crowther's after a day of fruitless search were experiencing considerable anguish. "Red" was tired and scarred (not scared!) but in one piece.
In Mar Vista, California, Don Smith's bitch puppy was run over by a motorist when she scooted away from the children playing with her on the front lawn. It is a quiet residential area, but the motorist didn't even stop. "Bandit," however, is a tough little bitch and she suffered "only" a smashed right foreleg which a skillful veterinarian was able to return to a semblance of its former shape and which necessitated a long recovery period.
Mrs. Bea Herting of Kingman, Arizona, lost her nine-month old dog pup "Duke" while traveling through the wasteland of inner Nevada. 'Duke" was gone for eight hours before he finally showed up again at the place where he strayed off, and he was considerably the worse for the wear. Bea. Herting very wisely left an article of personal clothing plus Duke's water bowl at that spot while she searched for him, in vain. Duke showed up after he had returned, but had he showed up before she did, he would have
stayed near those familiar objects.
In Glendale, California, a six and a half month old bitch pup, The Tenacious Queen, was run over and killed by a speeding motorist. A child in the family let her off the rope to which she was tied in the front yard. The Queen's litter brother was killed under almost identical circumstances but this time the accident occurred 3,000 mile away, in Connecticut. The moral to be drawn from the foregoing instances needs no elaboration.
Members who have never had litters of puppies before but who expect to begin now with Staffords should keep several points in mind. 1) You cannot sell unless you know what you are selling and believe it to be the best; 2) You must advertise and are advised to advertise in both the national dog magazines and the local newspapers; this means that you must plan in advance because the national magazines usually have a deadline of six weeks in advance of the date of publication; 3) "friends" who have said in a casual way that they would like one of your puppies after seeing your bitch as a puppy are absolutely NOT to be relied upon to buy; 4) NEVER give a puppy away free, even to a close friend or relative---always extract some price, for it is a sad but true facet of human nature that people do not appreciate what they do not pay for; 5) the months of December and January, i.e., "Christmas puppies," are extremely poor months for the Stafford puppy market because the general market is flooded at that time with fluffy balls of fur "for the kiddies" at $10.00 apiece; and NEVER ship a puppy anywhere until the full purchase price is paid.
Members will be pleased to learn that the quarterly journal "The Stafford," published in England has just recently been put under a new editor, John F. Gordon. His reform, we are sure, will do much to expedite the punctual publication of the magazine. The Spring issue should arrive here in America any day now.

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