Bulletin No. 13
June l, 1971

Our first 1971 Membership List is enclosed. As of this date, we have 59 Members with a widespread geographical distribution. Note that there are 22 Members listed with an asterisk (*) beside their names to designate them as experienced and active breeders of Staffords. This number does not include those who have bitches and/or bitch puppies and who intend to breed in the future. Since the reorganization of the SBTC/USA litters have been born in the homes of Steve Stone, Darrell Lewis, Sid Ward, Sally Bichel, Preston Cook, Dick Ettress, Don Smith, Dale McKown, and Bob Murphy, totaling 36 puppies. We have also registered two adult imported dogs from England and are awaiting word of the birth of litters in the homes of Tom Stuckey and Bob Lee. Only four persons on the Membership List are non-owners of Staffords as of the moment. A close perusal of the List should be most enlightening in relation to the events preceding the reorganization.

The one common thought expressed by virtually all of the Members is that the dissolution of the Stafford movement in this country is most unfortunate, and almost everyone expressed a desire to see a unification. No one wants further bickering and infighting, and in accord with this spirit I am not even going to reply now to the recent spate of material from Southern California, easy though it would be. Rather, in accord with Bulletin No. 12 of April 7, 1971, I am going to re-state the position of our organization: we are resolved to work for the unification of the organized Staffordshire Bull Terrier movement in this country into a single infrastructure, and to this end we are willing to make any reasonable sacrifice or compromise whatever, provided that we are met half- way. I venture to say that a referendum of Stafford owners in this country and around the world would favor unanimously any just solution.

Members will find a Nomination Form enclosed. Nominations should be returned to the SBTC/USA, 1006 Dogwood Circle, Bellevue, Nebraska, 68005, within 21 days so that the postmark is not later than 11:59 p.m. June 21, 1971. Immediately thereafter, the notarized ballots will be sent out along with a stamped addressed envelope and detailed instructions. A few points, now, about the enclosed nomination Form:

You may nominate any Member on the Membership List for any position; however, only Members may be nominated.
You may volunteer your services for any position. Don't be shy.
New Members, not yet on the List, may volunteer upon payment of the annual dues.
New Members may vote upon payment of their annual dues.
A good spread of geographical distribution, giving us Officers in all parts of the USA, is desirable for a national organization.
Please inform us if you do not wish to be a candidate for any particular office or for any office at all. Otherwise, we assume that in such an organization as this everyone is willing to serve.
Get your nominations in on time.
The election itself, to be held later this month and during July, will be conducted almost exactly as suggested in the "Proposed Procedures for the New SBTC/USA Elections" which was enclosed in Bulletin No. 12, April 7, 1971. Every measure will be taken not only to see that justice is done but that it will be seen to have been done.

The SBTC/USA has a number of future projects under consideration for its Members' benefit, among them the reproduction of Jack Barnard's historic treatise on the Breed, a Stafford calendar, and various other re-prints. Suggestions from Members would be appreciated, also. Please let us have your ideas.

Most sincerely,

Steve Stone
Acting Secretary-Treasurer


Buddy Beal, Nevada
*Sally Bichel, Nebraska
Roy Brewer, California
*Al Brown, Arizona
Helen K. Brown, Arizona
Mrs. Henry Carlson, California
*Preston Cook, Jr., Massachusetts
*Patricia M. Cooke, Canada
Andrew Craik, New Jersey
Barry Crowe, California
*Jack Crowther, California
*Nick Davlantes, Illinois
John Day, Arizona
Jim De Groff, Florida
Mrs. Frank Be Legge, Illinois
*Dick Ettress, California
*Sam Farris, Alabama
John Finlay, Ohio
Ray Garverick, Ohio
Jim Gray, Iowa
Marvin Green, Nebraska
Benjamin Greshin, New York
John W. Herbine, Pennsylvania
Atch Hott, California
John Jefferies, M.D., Connecticut
Levy Jones, Minnesota
Benjamin Katz, Pennsylvania
Peter La Paglia, Jr., Maryland
*Bob Lee, Oregon
*Darrell Lewis, California
John Lloyd, Alabama
Joan Lyman, Massachusetts
Walter Mack, New Jersey
Reginald Morgan, New York
*Bob Murphy, California
Lawrence McAdams, Massachusetts
*Dale McKown, Arizona
Frank McNolty, California
*Joe Orday, Florida
Frank W. Parker, North Carolina
Reid Randall, North Carolina
Jack Reuting, Nebraska
George Riggs, Maryland
*Stan Rosenfield, Nebraska
Ed Rowland, New Jersey
Astrit Sako, Michigan
Bob Saraf in, Ohio
J. M. Shea, Nebraska
Howard Sholl, Nebraska
*Don Smith, California
*Pete Sparks, Florida
*Doug Stone, Texas
*Steve Stone, Nebraska
*Tom Stuckey, Louisiana
*Ambassador J. Fife Symington, Jr., Trinidad and Tobago
Daryl Ward, Louisiana
*Sid Ward, Iowa
Dorothy Wendell, Arizona
*Jim Wesley, Ohio

* designates experienced and active breeder of Staffordshire Bull Terriers

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