August 4, 1971

Notary Public Marvin Green's sworn statement on the outcome of the election is enclosed. Briefly, Al Brown of Phoenix is the new President, Joe Orday of Sebring, Florida, is the new Vice-President, Steve Stone of Bellevue, Nebraska, is the Secretary, Sam Farris of Birmingham, Alabama, is the Treasurer, and Sally Bichel of Omaha, Frank McNolty of Sunnyvale, California, and Pete Sparks of Starke, Florida, are the Directors. Most areas of the United States are represented, a nice geographical spread. The Notary mailed out 74 ballots; one was returned Unclaimed from a vacation address and one non-owning Member declined to vote on grounds of non-ownership. Thus, 51 ballots out of a possible 72 were returned, making a 71 percent voting record, which must surely be considered an overwhelming mandate.

Also enclosed is the updated Membership List, superceding former ones. Ten new Members have joined since ballots were sent out. They are: Lawrence Antonio, Ralph Beach, Howard Benson, Mary Bernady, James Boggs, William Heitert, Bush Jackson, John La Boda, Dudley Morgan, and Del Stites - all of them owners. Complete addresses are listed, and we welcome them heartily into our ranks. (Please forgive faulty alphabetizing in the "C's" and please send updates or corrections to the Secretary).

Another enclosure is a newspaper article from The Record of Park Ridge, New Jersey, about Ed Rowland's Milgarth Powerpack ("Rusty") and about Staffords in general. Incidentally, early word is that more than half a dozen families have pledged to attend the Rally at Ed's home on August 8th, so any Eastern fanciers who might be undecided as yet can bank on being warmly received. Members might like to use the enclosed article as a kind of format if and when they have a chance to get their own Staffords into the local press.

William Heitert of Omaha became acquainted with the Breed almost by chance and quickly lost his heart to Pacific's Lockjaw Hammerhead By Ironies ("Brick"), an excellent 3 month old brindle dog pup bred by Dick Ettress of Gardena, California; however, he did express some perhaps understandable reservations about how well the new pup would get along with his children's guinea pigs. Not only does Brick get along with them, but when they go into their cages he sticks his paws between the bars and scratches their backs. And they love it. By contrast, however, Sally Bichel's recent litter in Omaha went out into her back yard one morning when they were six weeks old and three of them returned carrying a very-much-worse-for-the-wear garter snake! Jim Gray of Coralville, Iowa, reports that his yearling bitch Bearcats Bellefire ("Tippy") is doing extremely well in training to be a dry-land retriever just as her great-great-great grandfather Buller of Looe did for Tom Wall in pre-war England.

Tom Stuckey of New Orleans had a flea problem with his litter and he solved it by using Baby Oil! In his own words: "I tried it this morning, and it works. I don't believe it kills them on contact, even though they do look dead. What I think happens is that it makes their legs stick together which incapacitates them. It also coats their abdomens, covering their respiratory openings, and suffocates them. At any rate, it gets rid of them and is harmless to the pups and the mother... I saturated each pup's neck all the way around which means that the fleas will have to crawl through it when they move toward the head to drink from the eyes, nose, and mouth (something they must do at least once every 24 hours). It worked for me, so I thought I would pass it on."

An announcement by the American Kennel Club concerning the acceptance of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier into the AKC Miscellaneous Class is expected within two or three months. This would mean that Stafford owners would be allowed to apply for an Indefinite Listing Privilege and then show their Staffords in the Misc. Class at AKC shows. No points towards Championships are awarded in the Misc. Class, but it would put our dogs for the first time before the American public and may eventually lead to full recognition and AKC registration. In order to avoid confusion at a later date regarding the now-separate Stud Books of the California and Nebraska-based Clubs, efforts are being made to ameliorate the situation that has existed for the past year. A progress report will appear in the next Bulletin, early September.

No new litters at the moment, following the rash of Spring litters with an inordinate preponderance of dog pups, but Tom Stuckey in Louisiana and Bob Lee in Oregon still have a couple of youngsters left, both sexes. Nevertheless, no less than five Members owning yearling bitches have already indicated their firm intention of producing (first) litters this Fall. More power to them.

The Secretary has been in touch with his good friends in Finland, Cohn and Kirsti Smith, and there is an excellent chance that they will visit the US next spring or summer. In that event, the SBTC/USA will organize several shows for them to judge as Cohn is a Championship judge in England for Staffords and so is Kirsti in Finland, both thus being fully qualified specialist judges for our Breed. More of this anon.

The Secretary is still taking orders for autographed copies of Mr. John F. Gordon's three Breed books at $2.00, $5.00, and $6.50, respectively, and for handsome English handmade collars at $8.00 apiece in addition to subscriptions to The Stafford magazine published quarterly in England at $2.00 per annum, dealing in Stafford news from all over the world. This is a non-profit service for Members only.

Election Results



TELEPHONE 393-8400


I hereby certify that I mailed election ballots to 74 members of The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of The U.S.A. and received 51 ballots by return mail. The results of the election are as follows:

Al Brown
30 votes

Jim DeGroff

Vice President:
Joe Orday

Peter LaPaglia

Jim Wesley

Steve Stone

Sam Farris

Frank McNolty

Pete Sparks

Sally Bichel

Buddy Beale

Preston Cook

Atch Hott

John Jefferies

Mrs. F. Katz

Bob Lee

Larry McAdams

Dale McKown

I hereby certify that these are the true and actual results of the election.

August 4, 1971

M. L. Green
Notary Public

August 1, 1971

*Lawrence Antonio, California
*Ralph Beach, Nebraska
*Howard Benson, Minnesota
*Mary Bernady, Nebraska
Buddy Beale, Nevada
**Sally Bichel, Nebraska
*James E. Boggs, Nebraska
Roy Brewer, California
**A1 Brown, Arizona
Helen K. Brown, Arizona
Mrs. Henry Carlson, California
Barry Crowe, California
**Jack Crowther, California
Andrew Craik, New Jersey
**P.M. Cooke, Canada
**Preston Cook, Jr., Massachusetts
**Nick Davlantes, Illinois
John Day, Arizona
Jim DeGroff Florida
Mrs. Frank De Legge, Illinois
**Dick Ettress, California
**Sam Farris, Alabama
Robert Fidler, Texas
Ed Findlay, Ohio
Ray Garverick, Ohio
Jim Gray, Iowa
Marvin Green, Nebraska
Benjamin Greshin, New York
*William Heitert, Nebraska
John Herbine, Pennsylvania
Atch Hott, California
**Bush Jackson, Arkansas
John Jefferies, Connecticut
Bill Johnston, Virginia
Levy Jones, Minnesota
Benjamin Katz, Pennsylvania
John Kielian, Nebraska
*John La Boda, Ohio
H.L. Lackey, North Carolina
Peter La Paglia, Maryland
**Bob Lee, Oregon
**D.L. Lewis, California
John Lloyd, Alabama
Joan Lyman, Massachusetts
Walter Mack, New Jersey
*Dudley Morgan, New York
Reg Morgan, New York
**Robert Murphy, California
Lawrence McAdams, Massachusetts
**Dale McKown, Arizona
Frank McNolty, California
**Joe Orday, Florida
Frank W. Parker, North Carolina
Reid Randall, North Carolina
Jack Reuting, Nebraska
George Riggs, Maryland
**Stan Rosenfield, Nebraska
Ed Rowland, New Jersey
Inez Sako, Michigan
Bob Sarafin, Ohio
Wenda Sindlar, Ohio
J.M. Shea, Nebraska
Howard Sholl, Nebraska
**Don Smith, California
Pete Sparks, Florida
*Del Stites, Nebraska
**Doug Stone, Texas
**Steve Stone, Nebraska
**Tom Stuckey, Louisiana
**Ambassador J. Fife Symington, Jr., Trinidad and Tobago
Daryl Ward, Louisiana
**Sid Ward, Iowa
Dorothy Wendell, Arizona
**Jim Wesley, Ohio

* designates new Member
** designates experienced and active breeder of Staffords

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