August 15, 1967

Since the first SBTC/USA Bulletin on May 15, 1967, when we had nine American members, seven American members, eighteen Canadian members, and one overseas associate member have joined our ranks. They are:

Reginald Morgan, 105 Birch St., Isllp, L.I., NY 11751
Frank De Legge, 1319 N. 16th Ave., Melrose Park, Illinois
Claude Williams, Ashton, Maryland
Helen K. Brown, 9240 E. Sierra Ave. Rt. 8 Box 107y, Tucson, Ariz. 85710
Laurence Rant, 2489 Lanterman Terrace, Los Angeles, Cal. 90039
John F. Stone, 327 Louella Ave., Wayne, Penna.19087
Alick Elliott, 856 Pines Lake Dr., Wayne, New Jersey.

Mr. and Mr. D. Barron, 18 Main St., Picton, Ont
Mrs. William Bennett, 22 Prince Albert, Box 13Z, Ormstown, PQ
C. Conea, 740 de Bernieres, Montreal, PQ
Norman Cooke, 3482 Grey Ave, Montreal, PQ
Patricia M. Cooke, 3482 Grey Ave., Montreal, PQ
T.E. Cooke, 3482 Grey Ave., .Montreal, PQ
John A. Curran, 18 Fallingbrook Woods, Scarborough, Ont
P. Gent, 55 Bessarion Rd., Willowdale, Ont.
Dr. and Mrs. E.G. Griffin, 11412 - 71st Ave., Edmonton, Alta
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Horn, Patty's Kennels Reg'd, Box 42, Milton, Ont
Mr. John N. Mercier, 972 Connaught Ave., Ottawa 14, Ont
A.W. Minshall, 3114 Constitution Blvd., Cooksville, Ont
Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Smith, 16 St. George Blvd., Weston, Ont
Thomas Stephenson, 404 Hurd Rd., Prince Albert P.O, via Port Perry, Ont
Roy Williams, 637 Rive Bolsee, Pierrefonds, PQ
Mr. and Mrs. John Whittaker, 378 Rue Laurin, Pierreonds E., PQ
John E.A. Yeats, 131 Broughton Rd., Montreal West, P Q
Mrs. Alison V. Yeats, 131 Broughton Rd., Montreal West, PQ

Mr. and Mrs. M. Hoban, "Glendene," School Lanet Longton, Nr. Preston.
Lancs., England. --- The Hoban's are breeders of top quality Staffords and are interested in the American market.)

We expect to have at least three new members in the very near future when some bitch puppies on order from England arrive. Another future member scheduled for autumn arrival in the States is Mrs. Eeva-Lllsa Brotherus from Finland. She is the owner of Finnish-bred Bearcats Belladonna (ex Bandits Belle-lettres by Towans Lord John).

All Canadian members are urged to send copies of the pedigrees of their stock to SBTC/USA Secretary Steve Stone (1125 N. Mar Vista, Pasadena, Calif. 91104) who will register the animals with the club and then return the pedigrees along with Official SBTC/USA/USA Pedigrees at no charge.

A Club letter requesting official separate recognition of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier by the AKC has been sent to Mr. Dick, Executive Vice-President of the AKC. Members will be informed of the results of this correspondence as soon as possible.

The Breed Standard is to be found in John F. Gordon's books, "The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Handbook,' and "Staffordshire Bull Terriers." These publications are usually available at the larger bookstores and at dog shows here in the USA. If members encounter difficulty obtaining either, they may contact the Secretary who may be able to help them. The SBTC/USA Breed Standard, naturally, is identical to the English Standard. However, it has been suggested that for the benefit of new owners in the USA an additional paragraph be appended thusly: "No exhibit whelped after January 1, 1967, shall be cropped, docked, de-whiskered, trimmed, or altered in any way except that the long hair on the underside of the tail may be trimmed. Members' opinions on this paragraph are solicited.

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