Bulletin No. 6
August 1 1968

A letter from Mr. Jon Brownell, Assistant to the President of the American Kennel Club, has come, confirming a previous telephone conversation to the effect that the AKC has now set up a file on the SBTC/USA. His letter, in part, states: "As I explained to you, our Board expect that there will be several hundred dogs of a breed in the USA, in the hands of a good number of different owners, who are seriously interested in breeding the dogs, before any breed is added to the list eligible for competition in the Miscellaneous Class at AKC shows." The letter from Mr. Brownell conclude by saying that the SBTC/USA and our Breed will be given the same consideration as any other breed in the same situation or as any other club representing a breed.

It may perhaps be fairly taken that "several hundred dogs of a breed" means two hundred as in the case of the recently-admitted Ibizen Hound which had two hundred and ten exhibits registered in the IH club. At the moment, the SBTC/USA has exactly 70 registered Staffords, what with a litter of ten whelped to Charles Tenerowicz's bitch and the importation of six puppies from John F. Gordon on August 20th, but before Members recoil from the number "two hundred" they should acquaint themselves with some recent SBTC/USA statistics: we have 20 bitches of breeding age by mid-1969. Of these, 15 are expected to whelp litters in 1968 and 21 in 1969. It is as yet unknown whether or not eight young adult bitches will be bred during this time, but if the 36 planned litters average five per litter, we will have 180 puppies by late 1969 in addition to the 70 Stafford now registered. This number will put us well over the two hundred mark. A glance at the membership list will show the distribution of our dogs around
the country in different hands.

On the basis of the foregoing, it is patently obvious that we do not need a crash breeding program and an effort to attain large number. Rather we should continue to aim for highest quality as our counterparts in England, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, and around the world are continuing to do. Ever pup of every litter should be registered in good time with the SBTC/USA, of course, but every litter should be planned and welcome. Litter owners should remember to advertise their litters in the local papers and the national magazines (Dog World, Our Dogs, etc.) in good time so as to insure high prices and good homes for their puppies.

New breeders should also consider what kennel name they would like to have affixed to the names of their puppies. Known kennel names should not be used, and in this connection there is perhaps reason to mention that the "Bandits" prefix is the sole property of John F. Gordon of Romford, England. Kennel names and individual puppies' names should be selected with an eye to the history of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Nomenclature like "Sam" and "Molly" is as inappropriate as "Tiptoe-through-the-Tulips" and "Twinkums." Good, common sense is the breeder's best guide in selecting prefixes and individual names.

The addition of five new American members to our ranks since SBTC/USA Bulletin No. 5, June 20th, calls for a reorganization of our American membership list into alphabetical order:

Brotherus, Eeva-Liisa, 181 Tanners Pond Road, Garden City, LI, NY
Brown, Helen K., 9240 E. Sierra, Rt. 8 Box 107y, Tucson, Ariz. 85710
Chace, Mrs. Mintern V., 28 Meadow Way, Cambridge, Mass. 02138
Craik, Andrew, 51 Bartlett Lane, Willingboro, N.J.
Crowther, Jack, 19438 Lorne, Reseda, Calif. 91335
Davlantes, Mr. and Mrs. Nick, 6806 N. Ridge, Chicago, Illinois 60645
De Legge, Frank, 1319 N. 16th Ave., Melrose Park, Illinois
Dodd, Richard, 432 Westbourne Dr., Los Angeles, Calif 90069
Elliott, Alick, 856 Pines Lake Dr., Wayne, N.J.
Farris, Sam. 2331 Fifth Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama
*Grier, Mr. and Mrs. Steve, 15523 Lakewood Blvd., Sp. 11, Paramount, Calif.
Guli, Rev. G.J., 226 Culver Parkway, Rochester, NY 14609
Gundry, T.J. 309 E. Elm St., Villa Park, Illinois 60181
Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Jack, 1539 New York Dr., Altadena, Calif.
Hott, Mr. and Mrs. Atch, 15120 Walnut Ave., Long Beach, Calif.
Jenkins, Mrs. Charles, Glyndon, Maryland
*Kooch, Robert, 1028 Sir Patric Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada
Liversidge, Merlin, 1447 El Miradero, Glendale, Calif. 91201
*McNolty, Frank, 1142 Pome Ave., Sunnyvale, Calif. 94087
Morgan, Reginald, 105 BVirch St., Islip, LI, NY 11071
Orday, Joseph, PO Box 571, Nassau, NY 12123
*Oriente, Virgil, 3980 San Rafael, Highland Park, Calif.
Potvin, Dr. and Mrs. L.C., 16681 Alicante Rd., Mission Viejo, Calif.
Rant, Mr. and Mrs. Larry, 2489 Lanterman Terrace, Los Angeles, Calif.
Smith, Don, 3465 Wade St., Mar Vista, Calif.
Sparks, Pete, PO Box 716, Starke, Fla. 32091
Stone, Doug, 4901 N. 73rd St. Apt 6, Scottsdale, Arizona
Stone, John, 327 Louella Ave., Wayne, Penna. 19087
Stone, Steve, 1125 N. Mar Vista, Pa, Pasadena, Calif. 91104
Symington, Jr., Mr. J. Fife, Lutherville, Md. 21093
Tenerowicz, Charles, 7 South St., Windsor Locks, Conn. 06096
Venable, Mr. and Mrs. Don, 361 S. Los Robles, Pasadena, Calif. 91106
Wendell, Dorothy, 3256 E. Bermuda, Tucson, Arizona 85716
Williams, Claude, Ashton, Maryland 20702
*Williams, Thomas, 419 62nd St., Carmody Hills, Md 10027

Names marked with an asterisk (*) are new members. Several new potential members have not yet finalized their membership. This list supersedes the previous lists sent out this year, and it should be noted that several members have new addresses.
We have a new Overseas Member:

Doris Hughes Williams, The Links Boarding Kennels, Pembrey, Burry Port,
Carmarthenshire, South Wales, Great Britain

Mrs. Williams is one of the premiere Stafford breeders in Great Britain. She has specialized in producing great bitches, and it is doubtful if any other breeder can match her record in this respect.

We also have two new Canadian members:

Mr. and Mrs. R. Wilson, 230 Vian St., Chateauquay, P.W.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Zelman, 2090 Alta Vista Dr., Ottawa, 8, Ont.

Other Canadian members' names may be forthcoming following the settlement of the Canadian postal strike.

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