Bulletin No. 8
January 14, 1969

As I sit typing this Bulletin on the eve of January 14th, the second anniversary of the founding of the SBTC/USA, I cannot help remembering that on this date two years ago we had exactly nine founding member. One year ago we had 23 American member, 21 Canadian members, and six Overseas members. Today we have 57 American members, 23 Canadian members, and eight Overseas Members. We are due for some quick additions to our ranks because there are five puppies of salable age available in the Southern California area. Five new members have Joined our ranks since the previous Bulletin issued on Dec. 1, 1968 They are:

Robert C. Flack, 36 West 44th St., New York, N.Y. 10036
Dale McKown, 1959 N. Hill, Pasadena, Calif. 1104
Mrs. Johnson Walker, 16 Edna Dr., Syosset, LI., N.Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Carol Nightengale, 2211 Gallows Rd., Dun Lorin, Va. 22072
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson, 2493 Lanterman Terrace, L.A., Ca. 90039

There is also one change of address:

Mr. and Mrs. H. Kenworthy, PO Box 30045, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Our growth has been remarkable, and there is every reason to believe that it will continue in the future. Already the SBTC/USA has reached proportions that require a supervisory structure to replace the original one man gang structure. The mailing list also had to be automated. The newest improvement along these lines is that the SBTC/USA new has its own bank account, arranged without expense to the Club by Treasurer Larry Rant. No longer must I request that check be made out to me, personally. Now all members should send in their 1969 membership fee of $5.00 to either Larry Rant, 2489 Lanterman Terrace, Los Angeles, Calif., 90039, or to myself, but the checks themselves should be made out to: SBTC/USA or, alternatively, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club. Incidentally, a budget accounting for 1967 and 1968 will be sent to all members in the next Bulletin.

In the last Bulletin we advised members who are breeders or potential breeders to consider joining the newly-formed American Kennel Association, but then forgot to include the address on the membership application blank We are correcting this oversight by enclosing a membership blank with the address.

Between Christmas and New Year Day, I flew to New York via Washington, D.C., to attend a meeting of the Modern Language Association. The trip was all too hurried and it took place at an awkward time, but still I managed to see or contact almost all of the Club members on the Eastern Seaboard.

First I flew to Washington, D.C., on Dec. 26th, where I was met by Mr. and Mrs. Claude Williams of Ashton, Md. There I spoke to the members of the Rotary Club on the subject, "Finland Between East and West." After that Claude Williams showed me around his boarding kennels, The Ashton Kennels. There were 150 dogs and cats boarding. in the beautiful well-kept buildings on the 65-acre estate, and I can honestly say that my hotel in New York could teach Claude Williams nothing about the care and feeding of guests. It was revelation to me, for I had never imagined an institution of such quality existing solely for canines.

The next day, Friday the 27th I flew to New York arriving in the late afternoon. I telephoned Mr. John Brownell, Assistant to the President of the American Kennel Club, but Mr. Brownell had already had to leave. His charming secretary was most cordial as I explained that my call was purely social.

It turned out that I was extremely busy with interviews in New York, and I did not have a chance to meet any of the fanciers from that area. Nevertheless, I did telephone Robert Flack, Mrs. Johnson Walker, Charles Tenerowicz, and Reginald Morgan but was unable to contact Eeva-Liisa Brotherus, whose line was disconnected . I was unable to telephone our New Jersey fanciers, Alick Elliott and Andrew Craik, much to my disappointment.

On Sunday the 29th I returned to Maryland where that evening Mr. and Mrs. William held a "gathering of the clan" for the Maryland-Washington fanciers and AKA members. It was a real pleasure to meet Thomas Williams and Dr. Margaret Grigsby and to receive a most considerate phone call from J. Fife Symington, Jr., who could not be present. I also met most of the officers of the AKA, and now I can personally assure all SBTC/USA members that I have every confidence in this new organization.

The next day, Monday the 30th, Mr. and Mrs. Williams and I visited the "Puppy Palace" just outside of Washington because this firm had been advertising a "Staffordshire Bull Terrier" for nearly a month. It turned out to be a lovely red three-month old Stafford dog pup, born Sept. 23 1968, in Ireland, sired by Raynan Commando and whelped by Weycombe Vanessa (a beautiful pedigree).

The pup was already somewhat what undershot and the feet were splayed from living on wire for a month. His temperament seemed good but this could not be truly ascertained because he and the other pups were kept under sedation so that their barking would not disturb the neighboring stores.

The price of this pup was $275.00. The manager of the "Puppy Palace" was truly astounded when I informed him that the puppy was not AKC registerable and that as an undershot and unregisterable puppy his true value was in the neighborhood of $25.00. Nevertheless, I told the manager, who was innocent in the affair, that if the puppy could be AKC registered I would pay the $275.00 and that if it could not be registered I would pay $100.00 for the pup just to get him out of there.

I left my name and California address and phone number as well as the name of a friend with a local number (Two weeks have passed since then, and I have not heard from the "Puppy Palace.") Later that evening, before flying on to Chicago and Omaha, I telephoned Mr. Carol Nightingale, our first representative in the state of Virginia, and had an interesting and pleasant conversation with him.

I had only an hour's stopover in Chicago in the middle of a very "weathery" night, but I did manage to telephone Nick Davlantes and have a long, fruitful talk with him. On New Year's Eve, I returned to Pasadena where I immediately immersed myself in books, studying for my Screening Exam.

It was a useful trip. The hospitality, interest, and enthusiasm of the eastern Stafford owners must be experienced to be believed. It was an illuminating visit for me, and I think I perceived among us a new and heartwarming unity of spirit

Steve Stone, Secretary SBTC/USA

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