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Kyra x Batista: 1st born male puppy.

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Finnish Moose Hunter

(Translation of article in Finland's largest newspaper:)

Helsingin Sanomat
November 1, 1965


A Staffordshire Bull Terrier, one of the rarest breeds in Finland, recently proved herself an able moose hunter in rural Ähtäri where the 11 month old Bandits Brindadulci ("Betty") discovered a recumbent moose and drove it successfully toward the hunters.

This is the world's first known case in which a member of this English breed has ever even participated in a moose hunt, much less with such success.

Betty's owner, Ähtäri resident Olavi Virpio, admitted that chance played a part in the incident. Last Saturday while he and four other hunters were hunting moose in the forest, Betty got scent of a moose that was lying down about 200 meters from the group.

Betty chased the moose about 300-400 meters before driving it into firing range. Betty has also proven herself to be an excellent bird dog and has helped her owner bag several birds although she will not be a full year old until the end of November.

"After another year, no doubt I'll have lots more," says Mr. Virpio who has already had numereous offers from hunters who would like to purchase Betty. But all offers have been firmly turned down.

Helsingin Sanomat.

Photograph by Helsingin Sanomat photographer of an immature Bandits Brindadulci (Betty) at the age of 11 months, two weeks after the moose hunt and one month before her first birthday.

At the moment there are only six adult Staffordshire Bull Terriers in all of Finland, one of which is a male. The breed was brought into this country by American-born teacher Steve Stone who himself owns two bitches as well as a recently-born litter.

Stone says that Staffordshires have been used for hunting lions in Africa and wild boars in New Zealand.

In these northern latitutudes, the breed is still rare. There is only one in Sweden and merely a few in Canada where moose abound, so this really is the first time in the world that a Staffordshire has been known to run down a moose, according to Mr. Stone.

Finland's only male Staffordshire Bull Terrier is owned by Helsinki resident Olavi Åberg who imported it from England in 1964. The dog won the Junior Class at his first dog show in 1965.

In Finland this terrier breed serves primarily as a companion dog, according to the Finnish Kennel Club. However, it is known that Smooth-Hair Fox Terriers have also participated in moose hunting.