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Crystal kissing Grace through the fence.

Crystal kissing Grace through the cyclone fencing - don't use cyclone fencing.

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Kennel Fencing For Staffords

Stafford Kenneling

If you have the need to kennel your Stafford then there is only one proper way to do it. I've tried several types of fencing:

Cyclone fencing wire kennel panels - forget it. Any Stafford worth its salt can push underneath the fence wire, between the wire and the ground. You must have an upper and lower tube on your cyclone. They will also grab the wire and jerk and pull the wire completely out of shape. You cannot string cyclone tight enough to keep a good Stafford in.

Hog wire - too heavy and the mesh squares are too large. Besides, what do you use for posts and top/bottom rails?

No-climb horse fence - not to bad but again, the Stafford will maul it all out of shape in a short time. Also, what material for posts, top and bottom rails?

Hot Wire - you can run hot wire around the top and bottom of your fence but a good Stafford isn't going to let a little high-voltage deter it from his/her appointed rounds.

The only solution I have found is a very nice and neat, fully portable package made by Priefert. These people do all sorts of fencing and animal handling products. If you have ever seen a green painted portable metal tube cattle pen or green tubular steel farm gate then you probably have seen some of their product.

Below is a photo and the basic product details taken from their web site. I am not a Priefert employee or "affiliate." I get nothing out of this except to inform you that this is the only way to go if you need kenneling for your Stafford. They haven't made the Stafford that can pull this baby apart.

Priefert Dog Kenneling.

Enclosure features: A reversible door block for controlled entry or exit and a sliding gravity door latch which provides a positive lock. Bottom rail 2" off kennel floor to facilitate flushing.

Priefert Farm, Ranch & Rodeo

Kennel panels and kennel fronts ( with 1 or 2 Gates).

Kennels are available in 6' heights with 5' and 10' lengths. Heavy 8 gauge, 2" x 4" welded wire, 1 5/8" steel tube frame. No exposed wire ends or bolts.

1 5/8" tubular steel frame
8 gauge 2" x 4" weld wire
Powder coated finish: baked on protective coating of polyester urethane powder.

No exposed bolts
No exposed wire ends
No sharp edges
Lock-able sliding door latch
Reversible door block

Single or multiple enclosures available
Interlocking sections "unitized" kennels
Suitable for home or professional use
Easy cleaning