of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of the U.S.A.
April 7, 1971

Another new state has opened its portals to the Stafford. In doing so, Louisiana scored a unique "double" when Tom Stuckey of New Orleans purchased the bitch puppy Smithsonian Sonata from Don Smith of Mar Vista, California, in January. Less than a week later, Daryl Ward of Kenner received the dog puppy Dynamite Sir Eric from the Stan Rosenfields in Hyde Park, Mass. Neither man knew the other at the time, but they have since met several times. They seem extremely pleased with the new arrivals, and I venture to say that in the fullness of time Louisiana will become another Stafford stronghold.

The postal strike in England is now over, so that the fanciers who have sent in $5.00 for an autographed copy of Mr. Gordon1s newest Stafford book will be receiving their copies in the very near future. Those wishing a copy for themselves may still obtain one by sending me that sum. I will continue to supply the small Foyles book, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, by Mr. Cordon for $2.00 and his SBT Owner's Encyclopedia for $6.50. The traditional Stafford collars - handcrafted beauties two inches wide - are available at $8.00 apiece... please state neck size.

I am adding two extra services for Members, one old, one new. The old one is that if you will send me $2.00 additional to the Membership dues of $5.00, I will send that amount forward to Percy Tottman, Editor of The Stafford magazine in England, to subscribe you to it. I did this from 1966 through 1969 but in 1970 it was discontinued. I believe that it is important for American Members to have direct contact with English publications if possible. The new service is supplying two-foot by three-foot photograph wall posters of your favorite Stafford. Just send me $5.00, and I will order it from Walter Drake & Sons in Colorado Springs. Oh yes, I'll need a snapshot or formal photo as well. The finished product will come to you on good quality photographic portrait paper and the original photo is mailed separately. The photo, once mounted, makes a fine display in office or den. A larger-than-life portrait of Brutus now adorns the wall of my office at Bellevue College, giving my students a thing or two to think about.

Over the weekend of April 3-4, Stan and Irma Rosenfield hosted still another Eastern Stafford Rally in Massachusetts as a farewell gesture to their friends in the Breed there before setting out for new adventures in the West later in the month. Stan has sold his business, and they are moving West. The Rosenfields intend making maximum use of their journey, and they are already scheduled to visit Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Katz (and Dynamite Precious Polly) in Philadelphia. Further west they will visit Don Zurek and his imported pair, Vicknick Centurian and Charliegirl of Index. Later, they will arrive in the Omaha area, and on April 18th there will be a Rally in their honor. If all goes according to schedule, two bitches from the Rosenfield's 1969 litter, Dynamite Mai Tai and Dynamite Brandy, will have brand new litters of their own to show off to Stan, Irma, and crew.

Nick Davlantes writes that he and his Yorkshire-born wife, Christine, intend to visit England next summer and are planning an autumn litter from Cockney Charley and Bandits Red Rochette. I'd be very surprised if the Davlantes didn't take the opportunity to see some of the fine Staffords in England.

Enclosed you will find a textually exact but typewritten facsimile of the full text of a letter to me from Percy Tottman, Editor of The Stafford magazine in England, documenting that I attempted to withdraw from publication the article "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down" from the Christmas issue. I'll let this letter stand as my "defense" although in hard fact there is no denying that was a mistake. (Larry Rant and Bill Daniels had possession of a Xerox of the original before sending their form letter dated Feb. 16th.) I admit to feeling foolish to having responded prematurely to false stimuli, but that is the way that the doggy biscuit sometimes crumbles!

I hope that the arrival of Spring finds each and every Stafford fancier and his Staffords in the very best of health and spirits, starting the new year off right.

As always,

Steve Stone

(typed facsimile - Xerox copy of
handwritten original available)

4th Jan 1971

Dear Steve,

Many thanks for your air letter requesting the withdrawal of your article "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down", and although I contacted the printer the same day as receiving your express (Special delivery) letter it was too late to leave out the article which was already in print and, together with the complications caused by the electrical dispute would have meant completely resetting the magazine, which would have delayed production until after Christmas.

However, the paragraph which was misleading owing to the information which you undoubtedly accepted in good faith has been removed; a similar statement was removed from the Editorial.

I can only hope that the edited version of your very good article can be acceptable to you and look forward to receiving your correspondence at any time.

Yours sincerely,

/s/ Percy M. Tottman

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