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The StaffordMall invites and welcomes contributions on any and all Stafford-related subjects from owners and fanciers around the world. Please email Terry or Carolyn Stewart.

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More Photos

Brocliffe Warhawks Tuff.

Am/Can Ch. Brocliffe Warhawks Tuff

(Brocliffe Hard Bitter, CD x Warhawks Xaviera MacDonald)

Tuffy was owned by Robert E. Lee of Oakland, California. A very balanced example of the Bull & Terrier. Tuffy was about nine or ten years old in this photo. One of the winningest Staffords of all time.


Peck's Miss Tuffy

(Peck's Brindle Bandit x Doomsday Chablis)

Shown here on the bench at the Cow Palace, which is a two day show. Wonderful pied bitch. Our first Staff.


She won best of opposite sex that day at the Cow Palace.


Ch. Stonefort Sadie Hawkins

(Ch. Peck's Chip Off The Block x Ch. Peck's Pimpernel of Stonefort)

Sadie was bred by Richard and Elizabeth Vroman of Los Gatos, California.

Royal Lad.

Ch. Royal Lad

(Great Lad x Bent)

The neighbor's very down faced Bull Terrier. All white. Notice the full prick ears. Also typical of Bull Terriers. Large eyes, good jaw muscles and large nostrils, just like a Stafford.

Just kidding of course. This is a horse. Royal Lad is a registered Arabian. He was a Top Ten Arabian Stallion at Scottsdale a few years back.

Rooney's Boy.

Rooney's Boy

(Benica Boy x Rooney's Lass)

This is the Sire of Single White Female, Pearl's and Daphne's Dam.

Benica Boy.

Benica Boy

(Firey Jack's Pet x MacStaff Sweet Delight)

Pearl's and Daphne's Grand-Sire.


Ch. Yankeestaff Darchangel

(Urko Boy x Yankeestaff Guardian Angel)

"Murphy" is Hondo's Sire.

Bebe of Yankeestaff.

Bebe of Yankeestaff

(Lord Sunny Jim x Bulwark Circe of Yankeestaff)

This is Hondo's Dam.

Silver Bomber.

Eng. Ch. Silver Bomber

(Lawbury Cadiz Kid x Walswake's Tigre Bianca)

A much better photograph of this dog is on the cover of the book "Staffordshire Bull Terrier" by Dieter Fleig.


Ch. Peck's Chip Off The Block

(Ch. El Macho of Los Gatos x Trugrip Lydia)

Owners: Richard & Elizabeth Vroman

Breeder: Loretta Peck

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