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More Photos III

These photos are of dogs and bitches that are in the pedigrees of many Staffords in the United States. If you look through the Pedigree Archive I & II you will find several of these dogs and bitches in almost every pedigree. We have Mrs. Nancy Bolton of the Rapparee prefix to thank for all of the Rapparee photos.

The other photos are from Steve Eltinge's book "The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in America ", 1986, Multi-Image Presentations. This book is no longer in print and is going used for very high prices. If you ever get the chance, you owe it to yourself to obtain a copy. I didn't put this book high on my list of favorites for several years, but with age, both myself and the book, it is much more valuable. It has become an important work that documents the history of the Stafford in this country.

Quite Contrary of Rapparee.

Ch. Quite Contrary of Rapparee

We don't know how old she was in this photo, but when Mrs. Nancy Bolton, her owner and breeder, sent me this photo in September, 1987, she was sixteen years old and still going strong.

Rapparee Rothersyke Vow.

Ch. Rapparee Rothersyke Vow

Sire of 17 champions. Handyman's son.

Rapparee Look Lively.

Ch. Rapparee Look Lively

Renegades litter sister.

Rapparee Threapwood Handyman.

Ch. Rapparee Threapwood Handyman

Crufts B.O.B. winner. Sire of Bringarry Dangerman.

Rapparee Renegade.

Ch. Rapparee Renegade

He is 18 months old in this photo.

Guardstocks Red Atom.

Ch. Guardstock's Red Atom

(Darton of Henstaff (UK) x Wystaff Witchcraft)

The first Staffordshire Bull Terrier to win an ALL-BREED BEST IN SHOW. He won at least 145 Terrier Group Placements, including at least 26 Group Firsts, and was the first SBT to place in the top 20 Terriers for the year.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

Brutus & Bella.

Bandits Firestreak Red Rover and Bandits Belle Lettres

From chapter I of Steve Eltinge's book "The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in America" we learn that the first Stafford that Steve Stone bought was Belle. Brutus was already here in the US.

For further insight into these two cornerstones of the Stafford in the United States and Finland, in Steve Stone's own words, click this link.

Brinsly Lad.

Brinsley Lad

(Delacourt Yeomanry x Sheila The Countess)

Brinsley with his owner Claude Williams.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

Northwark Becky Sharpe.

Ch. Northwark Becky Sharpe

(West Riding Alfalfa x Ch. Loggerheads Filanda)

Imported from Australia. She was the first Australian import to win her Championship in the United States.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

Tinkinswood Imperial.

Ch. Tinkinswood Imperial

(Abbot of Ravenspur x Tinkinswood Gypsy)

The first SBT registered in the AKC stud book.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

Lastand Serendipity.

Ch. Lastand Serendipity

(Rambo Boris the Bold x Ch. Lastand DuBonet of Reknown)

Absolutely beautiful photo of a mother with two of her pups.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

Wystaff Wicked Witch.

Ch. Wystaff Wicked Witch

(Ch. Wystaff Warlock x Wystaff Wicked Lady)

A wonderful bitch that was used in a lot of breeding programs.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

Silverzend Satan.

Ch. Silverzend Satan

(Bringarry Dangerman x Ch. Constables Billy Club of Silverlake)

An important male Stafford in many US breeding programs.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

Peck's Ringo.

Ch. Peck's Ringo

(Camino's Jagger x Ch. Jonell Bonita)

Nice male breed by Loretta Peck, now Loretta Drown of Sonshine Staffords.

(photo courtesy: Steve Eltinge)

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