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Ch Another Brinsley Lad
Ch Another Brinsley Lad with some of his winnings.
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History Room


The Stafford community today owes a incalculable debt of gratitude to the pioneer Stafford owners whose names appear in the following SBTC/USA Bulletins. Each of these intrepid souls chose Staffords when the Breed was unknown, unheralded, and sometimes unwelcome and when showing seemed only the remotest of possibilities. They opted for Staffords against all conventional wisdom and stayed with Staffords until old age and the vicissitudes of life took their toll. If these "old timers" had not made that one singularly countervailing decision and had not afterward remained unassailable Staffanatics, the United States would still have a Stafford population of about fourteen or fifteen:  no shows, no obedience, nothing -- and even so rich a land as this great country would have been much the poorer for it.

BULLETIN No. 1 May 15, 1967
BULLETIN No. 2 August 15, 1967
December 15 1967
March 1, 1968
BULLETIN No. 5 June 20, 1968
BULLETIN No. 6 August 1 1968
BULLETIN No. 7 December 1, 1968
BULLETIN No. 8 January 14, 1969
BULLETIN No. 9 April 10, 1969
BULLETIN No. 10 July 10, 1969
BULLETIN No. 11 Missing
BULLETIN No. 12 April 7, 1971
BULLETIN No. 13 June 1, 1971
BULLETIN No. 14 August 4, 1971
BULLETIN No. 15 Missing
BULLETIN No. 16 February 4, 1972
BULLETIN No. 17 July 28, 1972
NEWSLETTER #5 September 15, 1971
NEWSLETTER #6 April 7, 1971
NEWSLETTER #7 June 1, 1971
LEGAL documents February - March 1971 - We still have all of it.

First Stafford Rally - Southern California
The first Stafford Rally in the USA. Held in Southern California on February 4, 1968. Left to right kneeling: Eva-Marie Stone, Judy Venable holding Kiwi, Maini Stone holding Bandits Firestreak Red Rover, Steve Stone & Bandits Belle-lettres, Mark Stone; Betty Crowther holding Towans Red Knave; Susie Crowther, Jack Harrison holding Lady Penelope of Bankdams, Larry Rant holding Tinkinswood Imperial, and Lillian Rant holding Bearcats Bellamour. Standing: Helen Liversidge, and Don Venable.